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No On Measure M

The Eureka NAACP opposes “Measure M”, a ballot measure which, if passed, would prevent alterations to or removal of the statue of President William McKinley located at the center of the Arcata Plaza.

The Eureka NAACP stands in solidarity with the Wiyot Tribal Council, who voted in February of 2018 to support the efforts of statue removal. The Eureka NAACP also commends the Arcata City Council’s public hearings on this issue and its eventual 4-1 vote in February 2018 to remove the statue, which is in keeping with its Indigenous Peoples' Day Proclamation. The Eureka NAACP joins the Wiyot Tribal Council and Yurok Tribal Council in formally endorsing NO on Measure M. At time of press, there were 55 organizations and businesses that support NO on Measure M.

The Eureka NAACP recognizes that the City of Arcata is in Wiyot traditional territory and encourages all Arcata residents to respect the Wiyot Tribal Council’s position on this matter and vote NO on Measure M.

President William McKinley’s policies dismantled five Tribes through the seizure of 90 million acres of land and dissolution of their Tribal courts, resulting in profound harm. President William McKinley’s policies brought similar harm to Indigenous Peoples of the nations he subjected to U.S. invasion and exploitation, including the Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico and Hawai’i.

Before his presidency, as head of the Ways and Means committee, William McKinley successfully lobbied his party to abandon their resolve to enhance voting rights for Black citizens in the south. President William McKinley was also criticized by Black civil rights activists of the time for the inadequacy of his response to the brutalities of white supremacy. Some of these activists included civil war veterans and Ida B. Wells, one of the eventual founders of the NAACP.

The Eureka NAACP encourages the community members of Arcata to stand with the Wiyot and Yurok Tribal Councils, the Arcata City Council, the 55 local organizations and business and vote NO on Measure M.

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