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The Eureka NAACP supports Measure K

The Eureka NAACP supports Measure K which will provide local protection for immigrant families and enhance pro-immigrant state laws. Measure K further affirms the value of thousands of local immigrant residents to the Humboldt County community. Measure K will represent the County's conscientious objection to the racial impacts of federal immigration law and policy as currently constituted. Measure K will also prevent the separation of families; an issue which has impacted families of color on many different levels for centuries. Moreover, it is in the interests of the community as a whole that all residents feel safe to provide information to police, first responders, health care entites, teachers, and other agencies which perform services for the health, safety, education, and benefit of the community. Passing Measure K will also serve as recognition of the contributions immigrants make to the local economy and culture and will demonstrate the embracing of positive changes to Humboldt County. We urge the community to pass Measure K to grant sanctuary to all who have come to contribute and benefit from the beauty and opportunities Humboldt County provides.


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