• S Blanck

TODAY Tuesday 9/25/18 @ 2pm

If you are able please attend this rally Tuesday 9/25/18 at 2pm, please do. Wear your NAACP shirt. Extra signs will be available. If you want to make your own sign you can use the following language " Safe Staffing Now", "Concerned Community Members" or "Listen to Nurses". These were suggested by one of the groups leaders.

If you can not attend this event please share the flier on Facebook or other social media. It is a community issue to support our healthcare workers and to make sure people in hospitals are receiving appropriate care. Thank you.

Sharrone Blanck

Eureka NAACP President


Eureka Branch Executive Committee:

President:  Sharrone Blanck   |   Secretary:  Leslie Rodelander   |   Treasurer:      |   Past President:  A.V. Powell

Eureka Branch NAACP  PO Box 1434  Eureka, CA 95502  (707) 502-2546

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